Introducing Eco-friendly Roo bags!

Roo bags are:
• a unique and distinct product
• a new product for Australia
• an innovative solution to protect our unique environment
• an eco-friendly accessory into which litter is stored
• an eco-friendly car organiser
• recyclable materials
• easily hung on gear stick levers or the head rest
• available with many colourful prints, and other designs to choose from, and at a modest price
• suitable for any business to on-sell or gift to its clients or customers
• available for companies to personalise and present them to their clients as a way of advertising their products or services


ROO BAGS® company is the registered owner and supplier of Roo eco-friendly car tidy bags in Australia and we are committed to the preservation of the environment. The products marketed by ROO BAGS® are registered and certified by IP Australia, which guarantees that we are selling a UNIQUE and DISTINCT product. Therefore, ROO BAGS® has the exclusive right to market this product.

Statement of newness and distinctiveness: novelty and uniqueness of this design reside in the shape and configuration of a pouch bag designed for suspension from a gear lever or other suitable suspension point in a motor vehicle.

Our goal is for the Roo bag to fit all motor vehicles while travelling on our roads in which the occupants can properly store and later dispose of rubbish and trash and thus contribute to reducing environmental pollution. In other words, the idea is to protect the environment by placing rubbish generated in the vehicle instead of throwing it out the window. It is a great way of promoting to the increasing members of our environmentally-conscious community, friends or family who might be interested in placing a Roo bag over the gear lever of their vehicle.

Our collection called ‘Feelings’ brings a contemporary, unique, elegant and imaginative product that appeals to all ages, tastes and styles, in addition to often leaving all passengers very surprised by this wonderful concept.

Please watch our interview on Band News TV in Brazil:


Roo bags Made of Neoprene:
• Recyclable, soft, malleable, lightweight
• Developed in 3mm neoprene
• Weather resistant
• Fungus and bacteria resistant
• Laser cut
• Flatseaming (special sewing), which allows excellent finish and resistance
• Stamped by the process of sublimation, which provides a high definition of image and colours
• Roo bags are designed with many prints to choose from
• Dimensions: 36 cm x 24 cm x 0.8 cm
• Weight: 100 grams

Roo bags Made of Nonwoven Fabric:
• Developed in 100 grams nonwoven fabric (polypropylene)
• Dimensions: 34 cm x 21 cm x 0.2 cm
• Stamped by the silk-screening process, water-based
• Recyclable and lightweight

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